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We cooperate with the ITAGH Consulting Group and the Eco Andina Foundation in Argentina to bring mercury free artisanal mined gold to market.

Both organizations work with the miners cooperatives in the Argentina Puna to help them with ecological mining techniques and assist in bringing the goods to market. Members of our team have been living in the area for over 30 years.

In cooperation with these organizations we intend to expand the current artisanal gold mining projects in the Argentinian Puna. Eco Andina is already mining the region for alluvial gold since 2002 in cooperation with the miners cooperatives.

Open Source Minerals has been engaged in the sales and marketing of the gold and is approached to assist in the further development and upscaling of the gold production.

The primary opportunity is to improve the technology used for gold extraction. Currently there are 30 identified sites worked by approximately 150 to 200 mineros / diggers. The gold production ranges between 12-20kg per annum. In each of the mining sites an average of 4-6 grams of gold per ton is being left behind because it is too small for manual collection.

Our immediate target is to enhance mining production by bringing in Knelson concentrators, screening and production units which should boost production significantly.

For this we can form a joint venture with the mining cooperatives and potential interested investors.

Contact us for more information.