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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct governs the relation between Open Source Minerals ltd and its clients.

General commitment
As a participant and stakeholder in the diamond and jewellery industry, we recognize the importance of maintaining and enhancing the overall reputation and trust of the Industry and the importance of sustaining long-term consumer demand for diamond and gemstone jewellery and meeting consumer expectations.

We acknowledge and are aware that Open Source Minerals Ltd is committed to and conducting its business operations in accordance with the highest ethical standards and the best industry practices that have been developed by the Industry.
Furthermore we acknowledge Open Source Minerals’ commitment to meet the responsibility to respect human rights as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO core conventions.
We undertake to assist Open Source Minerals Ltd to the best of our abilities in their commitments and endeavours to maintain such standards, practices, declarations, conventions and principles.

Accordingly, we undertake to provide Open Source Minerals Ltd with all documentation and information as may be required by them in order to fulfill their obligations.

In addition to the aforementioned general commitment, we specifically undertake the following:

  • We are opposed to and do not engage in the condoning, facilitating, encouraging and supporting of terrorism financing, illegal activity and/or money laundering and recognise that such practices are prohibited. Accordingly, we undertake to only conduct business with companies whose business we believe to be legal and whose funds we believe to come from lawful sources.
  • We will comply with national and, where applicable, international legislation, regulations and conventions with respect to money laundering, terrorism financing, bribery, corruption, smuggling, embezzlement, fraud, racketeering, transfer pricing and tax evasion.
  • We are committed to combating the scourge of conflict diamonds, and accordingly have committed ourselves to comply with all the rules of the Kimberley Certification Scheme Process and the requirements of the World Diamond Council.
  • We are opposed to and do not condone or engage in the use of child labour and human rights abuses and will adhere to national legislation in this regard. We observe applicable rules regarding minimum wage, working hours and compensation.
  • We are committed to providing a proper working environment which promotes the dignity, welfare, health and safety of all our employees and we will not engage in any practices which intentionally or recklessly may cause them harm or damage.


We place a premium on and are committed to consumer confidence and the interests of the consumer. All material facts and information about natural diamonds and gems, treated diamonds/gems, synthetics or simulants will be fully disclosed at all times accordance with the accepted industry practice. Such disclosure will take place whether or not specifically requested and regardless of the effect on the value of the product.

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